We use data, systems thinking, and change management techniques to help hospitals improve their organizational effectiveness.

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We’ve been helping hospitals manage and reduce
labor costs for more than 30 years.

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Patient care is undergoing an historic paradigm shift. Powerful economic, demographic, political and technological forces are rapidly reshaping everything that defines the environment of care.

Mission success going forward requires understanding and responding proactively. We use data, systems thinking, and change management techniques to help you accomplish that.

Chicago hospital organizational specialistsIMPACT Staffing Review

Our IMPACT benchmark database contains validated staffing and activity information from more than 750 hospitals, 304 department types, and 24,000 hospital departments. Services range from an on-site organization-wide staffing review to a quick analysis of staffing practices in selected departments. With IMPACT you can: Read More

Cleveland hospital consultantIMPACT Opportunity Inventory

Nothing causes more angst among department heads than missing productivity targets and not knowing what to
do about it. The IMPACT Opportunity Inventory will move your managers beyond endless defensive
discussions about FTE numbers to action. Real and lasting labor cost reduction and performance improvement
can be achieved by systematically applying the Inventory’s tools to identify, prioritize, and resolve productivity
barriers. With IMPACT you can: Read More

Hospital Organizational Structure

Does Your Organization’s Form Follow Function?

Peter Drucker, the Dean of Management Consultants once said, “Hospitals are the most complex social organizations ever designed by man.” We agree with Dr. Drucker—except for the “designed” part. That is part of the problem. Most hospital organizations were never designed. They just grew over time.

Today’s hospital must be able to effectively plan, direct, organize and control resources. Mot importantly, it must have the ability to react quickly when changes occur. If the hospital’s structure contains too many layers, or if there are span of control issues, it will not be able to do so.

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