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Hospital Benchmarking Data

Hospital Department & Medical Staffing Benchmarks

Our powerful IMPACT database contains validated staffing and activity information from more than 750 hospitals, 304 department types, and 24,000 hospital departments. It is the engine that drives all of our benchmarking services.


This full-service product provides subscribers with the ability to upload data for the entire hospital as many as four times per year.

Getting started is quick and easy and we do most of the work. The set up phase is unobtrusive and non-disruptive. Specialized algorithms “scrub” your data, testing relationships within and across departments to identify and resolve potential errors. Initial reports are typically available within 30 days after kick off.

Apples-to-apples concerns and “uniqueness arguments”, the classic impediments to successful benchmarking efforts in the past, are addressed and neutralized head on. “Buy in” is further fostered by our focus on educating department managers about IMPACT’s unique peer group selection process and by individually obtaining their input at the start of the process before any numbers are “crunched”.

IMPACT benchmarks facilitate the development, calibration and adjustment of department-level workload-based staffing standards. This is critically important given today’s frequent, dramatic, unanticipated, and unpredictable utilization changes. Department reports track workload-based productivity, hours worked to hours paid ratios, and overtime use. Each department’s productivity is compared against the actual range of performance achieved within peer groups that have been individually selected to match your departments’ intrinsic characteristics and workload. Graphic Trend Reports demonstrate the trajectory and velocity changes quarter-to-quarter.

For a complete description of the IMPACT benchmarking database and process, select this link . It will take you to a narrated file that requires just over 15 minutes to watch in its entirety. If you are seriously considering a benchmarking or cost reduction initiative, you might want to share the link with other members of your senior management team.

To schedule a live videoconference discussion with Frank Brady, President of Brady & Associates, or to learn more about how you can put IMPACT Benchmarks to work in your hospital, select this link. We will schedule a video conference with your senior management team to help you determine if our services are a good fit for current priorities.

IMPACT Quick Check

IMPACT Quick Check is a powerful online service that provides “do-in-yourself” convenient, cost-effective, same-day turn around benchmarking reports for one or several departments when immediate information is required. If you’d like more information, just send us an e-mail and we’ll send along complete information at no cost or obligation.