We use data, systems thinking, and change management techniques to help hospitals improve their organizational effectiveness.



We Have Solutions! Hospitals, physician practices, and hospital systems of all sizes, types and locations are experiencing unprecedented financial pressures. This still-developing situation goes beyond affecting access to medical care to pose an existential threat to many state and local economies. Small rural communities are particularly at risk. Hospitals, systems, and physicians must develop and [...]

Hospital Benchmarking Data

Hospital Department & Medical Staffing Benchmarks Our powerful IMPACT database contains validated staffing and activity information from more than 750 hospitals, 304 department types, and 24,000 hospital departments. It is the engine that drives all of our benchmarking services. IMPACT Plus This full-service product provides subscribers with the ability to upload data for the entire [...]

Quick Check Information

What is Quick Check? Quick Check is a powerful, cost effective and easy-to-use hospital decision support benchmarking tool that provides instant on-line password access to department staffing benchmarks from IMPACT, the field’s most powerful and trusted benchmarking database, when there isn’t time to engage in a large scale time-consuming “project.” Just a five percent improvement in productivity [...]

The Future is Now!

Today's Operating Environment and Labor Cost Solutions The Rapidly Unfolding Patient Care Paradigm Shift The Video above describes powerful steps the hospital can take to immediately to reduce today’s operating costs. However, the need to reposition the hospital for continued success in the rapidly-developing future is even more important. Direct Primary Care is revolutionizing patient [...]


A Partial List of Hospitals We Have Served Memorial Hospital of Fremont Saint Mary’s Hospital St. Francis Hospital of Litchfield The Methodist Hospital Williamson Medical Center Antelope Valley Hospital UZ Leuvin Hospitals (Brussels, Belgium) Citizens Memorial Hospital Frankfort Home Health Kewanee Hospital Marshall Medical Center South St. Vincent Health Care Northside Hospital Richland Memorial Hospital [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the hospital’s first consideration when we begin to think about benchmarking? The first consideration should be to decide, “What question do we want the benchmarking process to answer?” Hospitals often want benchmarking to tell them how they can (or should) staff their departments. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully the peer group is [...]

Hospital Organizational Structure

Does Your Organization’s Form Follow Function? Peter Drucker, the Dean of Management Consultants once said, “Hospitals are the most complex social organizations ever designed by man.” We agree with Dr. Drucker—except for the “designed” part. That is part of the problem. Most hospital organizations were never designed. They just grew over time. Today’s hospital must [...]

Hospital Productivity Measures

IMPACT Staffing Review Our IMPACT benchmark database contains validated staffing and activity information from more than 750 hospitals, 304 department types, and 24,000 hospital departments. Services range from an on-site organization-wide staffing review to a quick analysis of staffing practices in selected departments. With IMPACT you can: Develop, calibrate and adjust department-level workload-based staffing standards. [...]

World Class Knowledge-Based Services

Frank Brady, President of Brady & Associates, began a life-long pursuit in 1971 when he managed a field-test of techniques to measure and improve organizational effectiveness in the clinical setting under the auspices of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now the Department of Health and Human Services). That experience provided the unique insight [...]